“Collaboration, it turns out, is not a gift from the gods but a skill that requires effort and practice.”

- Douglas B. Reeves


People at Magian Media Studio are good at:


Designing multimedia for exhibitions

Magian has many years of experience designing multimedia for exhibitions.  Our designers pay close attention to sympathetically integrating media experiences into the exhibition design.  We support layering of interpretive messages by weaving media into other forms of communication both to accommodate the wide variety of learning styles visitors bring to their exhibition experience and to enrich the messages.

Designing for media concepts

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Multimedia Concepts

Magian has more than 30 years of international experience designing media for exhibitions.  We work across a wide range of media and types of public spaces within the cultural and heritage sector.  Magian is able to contribute at a significant depth to project teams working to develop exhibit media concepts for museums and similar institutions. 

Exhibit and media planning

Graphical interface design

Our graphic interface designers pay careful attention not only to usability but also to producing interfaces that are beautiful to look at and a pleasure to work with.

Designing multimedia exhibits and experiences

Technical infrastructure design

Magian is practiced at reviewing the technical infrastructure requirements of exhibitions under development and defining their suitability to the context, for the future, the budget and those entrusted with managing them “after the champagne has been polished off”.

Technical infrastructure design

Specialist software research and design

Magian software developers are expert at finding creative solutions to make the intentions and aspirations of those envisioning media experiences possible.  They also develop solutions that are practical and robust to serve the needs of visitors. 

Technical infrastructure design

Producing multimedia for exhibitions

Magian’s more than two decades of experience designing, developing and producing multimedia for exhibits around the world has given us a strong base from which to work with clients to realise rich and engaging experiences woven into the design and intent of exhibitions in museums and similar institutions. Over the period of time in which Magian has been working in this fascinating area, the company has been able to benefit from the way in which technologies have also evolved to deepen visitor experience.

Project Management

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Project Management

All Magian projects have a dedicated project manager who is the principal contact for the client team.  At all stages of a project’s life our project managers will liaise with project stake-holders, and maintain control over schedules, the budget and the integrity of the production process.  Project managers work internally with creative and technical directors to safe-guard our client’s vision.

Project Management

Implementation of graphical interface designs

Magian takes particular pride and care in the work we do to design effective and beautiful multimedia graphical interfaces.  We are interested both in the surface beauty of a digital interface and the deeper issues of usability across all ages as well as in intuitive navigation. 

Production of multimedia

Developing media rich interpretive content

While Magian regularly receives content for media programs directly from clients and other contractors on a project, we are also experienced in all aspects of content development for interpreting history, natural history, science and art.  Working internationally, Magian is also familiar with working in other cultures and in delivering content in more than one language.

Developing media rich interpretive content

Specialist software development

Since its inception in 1993 Magian has been committed to research and development for all our software applications, notably the DiAC (Digital interactivity and Control) show-control system and MMaPS (Media Management and Publishing System).  Our team of dedicated software developers are constantly working to push the boundaries of functionality for media exhibits, while remaining serious about sustainable, robust performance to meet the demanding standards of our museum clients. 

    – implementation and testing
    Magian has a strong commitment to thorough internal testing prior to implementation and on-site testing before our multimedia products are released for public display.
    – on-site software commissioning
    Magian typically sends a technical team on-site to commission multimedia software developed for exhibitions.  Magian does not purchase or install hardware to site but will always prefer to specify all aspects of hardware and connectivity for our projects to ensure that there are not incompatibilities between all aspects of the technical infrastructure, third party software and applications, and Magian’s software.
    – remote site maintenance
    Magian typically works with clients to set up protocols to enable easy access to networked multimedia programs to provide simple post-installation access for maintenance and troubleshooting.  Magian software carries a 12 month warranty against software errors but we are also able to provide support in troubleshooting hardware if required. 

System installation

Software commissioning



Magian is well placed to assist clients in planning for the integration of media into either a single exhibition or an entire site.  Magian staff can offer experience gained over many years working with hundreds of people – clients, artists and other designers, architects, story-tellers, hardware specialists and our gifted staff.  We have gathered around us ways of looking, thinking, and being that contribute strongly to communication practice in the fields of culture and science.

Collaboration and workshop skills

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Reviewing client multimedia briefs

Magian is practiced at being able to make rapid assessments of multimedia in existing exhibit designs.  Our process typically covers a review of functionality within the planned built environment, suitability of delivery in relation to such things as light-levels and circulation, hardware costing against available budget, hardware suitability and lead-times, and scheduling for production.

Hardware - Advice and Specification

Project planning

Magian has a great deal of experience in the planning of projects.  We take into consideration the procurement of hardware, sourcing and development of content, both graphic interface design and software development, rigorous testing and on-site implementation.

Collaboration and workshop skills

Hardware advice and specification

Over many years of developing projects in many different countries, Magian is expert at sourcing information for the needs of technical infrastructure as well as the specification of hardware of all types.  We are also able to work within the requirements of different countries to minimise hardware costs.

Hardware - Advice and Specification

Multimedia hardware and production budgeting

Magian is practiced at providing reliable budgeting for hardware, technical infrastructure and multimedia production in the early stages of conceptual design for exhibits for all types of museums, visitor centres, zoos, aquariums, science centres and theme parks.