“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.”

- H.E. Luccock

Gillian Chaplin and Les Gilbert constantly work to push the boundaries around visitor experiences. They are supported by a strong team of in-house software and technical developers, graphic designers, audio engineers and videographers, and administrative staff. Magian also works with a trusted group of content developers and project managers who join our project teams depending on the necessary specialist requirements of specific projects.

We have specialist knowledge of museums and similar institutions and the processes they go through to create public exhibitions. We have experience and expertise gained working in museums, zoos, aquariums and other interpretive institutions around the world. We have completed a great variety of international projects in many different cultures and countries.

Over the almost twenty-five years that we have been working with clients on four continents and in many countries, Magian has always had a team of dedicated people working to deliver interesting, and often ground-breaking projects. Our company has gathered a broad understanding of the possibilities for media in public places.

The people at Magian can take a media project from inception through to final implementation and post-commissioning support. All design considerations are accounted for to ensure that a project’s creative vision as well as its budgets and schedules are met. Typically one of our team members will be a national who speaks the language and can assist us culturally when we work on projects that do not have English as the first language.

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